Collapse all?

Collapse all?

Not sure if im missing this somewhere or what, as my tree gets bigger using the search function is horrible as it opens up countless folders in my tree and i do not see a way to collapse everything with one click.

Call it OCD or whatever but i dont like open folders that are not being used =).
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Hi Casey, 

This isn't a perfect solution, but there is a feature in Admin > Treasure Chest that you can enable to have the folders be collapsed when you log into your subscription.  There definitely is a need to have a way to collapse the tree while logged in, especially for users with larger instances.


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Thanks Val! this works great, it seems to work just upon refreshing your browser! 

This made my Friday! 
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For some reason, I can't find a vote button, so I'm adding a comment. This is definitely a needed feature, beyond the Treasure Chest option, which can become a nuisance in the instances  I want the folders to stay open where they were the last time I was in a section.

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