Clone Folder & all its contents

Clone Folder & all its contents

We have been running global campaigns from a single program. We'll have the global smart campaigns which provide the functionality. Then we'll create folders to localise emails & landing pages. Our process is to first create something in English, review it, once we're pleased we translate to Dutch, French & German. If there's a complex campaign with subfolders it gets to be quite a pain to create a new folder for the new language, then clone each asset individually into sub folders.

Suggestion: When right clicking on a Folder within a Program, provide the ability to clone the folder & its children.  If one of the select fields on the clone popup screen could be Landing Page template it would make my campaign manager's heads explode with joy.
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Is this still complicated? It would be really handy.

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When cloning the folder, all it's tokens should be cloned as well.

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This would be incredibly useful.

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This would be really useful as we organize everything into folders

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Can't believe this functionality doesn't exist. Would make administration much more efficient.

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The ability to clone folders and contents when working in multiple languages or regions would be a great additional feature I would certainly adopt.