Change the follow-up page on forms in LP when cloning a program

Change the follow-up page on forms in LP when cloning a program

Amongst the "simple" things that really frustrate users when you have to do mass work, try something :

Create a Template program with 1 LP and 1 Follow-Up page. Use a global form in your LP, but set the follow-up page to the one in your program, and set it at Landing Page level, not at form Level (since the form is global and shared).

Now clone your program and look at the LP : the follow-up is still the source follow-up, not the clone one.

This is extremely dangerous and error prone, plus time consuming (you have to edit each cloned LP and change the setting)


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Hi Greg,

good point - voted it up.

Just wanted to mention that we control the LP-to-TY page connection through a token. In fact, we have just one central token in our programs we call {{}}. It creates the link from the email to the LP (Click here: "http://{{}}-LP," the follow-up from LP to TY (Follow-up URL Type: External, URL: http://{{}}-TY and handles the javascript re-direction once the webinar is over (redirect to "http://{{}}-ARCHIVELP" plus the respective On-Demand-WBR-TY page through http://{{}}-ARCHIVELP-TY.

As cloning hands down landing page URLs and form settings from the mother to the clone, we just have to fill that one token with a value and don't need to edit any of the landing pages in our programs.

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I would love to see this change applied. Voted up.

Are tokens recognized in the "Follow-Up Page" field? If so, maybe this could be addressed using some combination of the program name tokens and campaign tokens once program name tokens are instituted on September 23rd?

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So... the new program tokens went in on Friday, but the external URL option only allows for "my.tokens"... not the new {{program.Name}} token, which, if the program was neatly structured, could be a very tidy solution to this problem.

Still ecstatic that we have program tokens, but the freedom to use them in that Follow-Up URL field would have been amazing.

Or even the option to define the URL as relative?

That'd be swell too.

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Generally we're just used to a program updating the local assets when we clone, so it's just odd that the behavior isn't consistent.

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