Change Font Color - Forms 2.0

Change Font Color - Forms 2.0

Currently, the form editor for Forms 2.0 allows users to change many aspect of the font being used on the form. This would include the font family, and the font size, along with others. 

What I would like to see included in the form editor, along with these capabilities, is the ability to change the font color. This could be accomplished by placing a dropdown list of general colors, along with a Color Picker for the outlying colors. 
Level 10
When you click "Edit Form" and then click "Form Settings" in the left-hand nav bar, you can click the cog icon in the top right of the theme you've selected and choose "Edit Custom CSS." From there, add the following:

.mktoLabel {
    color: pink;

All your labels in your form will now take on that color (you won't see the changes in the editor, you'll have to "preview" the form to see these custom changes). I do agree with you though, it would be nice to add some options like this to the editor. In the meantime, use custom CSS to accomplish this.

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