Cap Registrations for Events

Cap Registrations for Events

There are many events in which having an unlimited amount of attendees could be a huge logistical problem. I'd love a way to cap the amount of attendees and automatically switch the landing page to a closed registration when registrations have hit its cap. Basically - "If list count = X, then show X landing page"

This was also discussed in this thead:

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No way, it's announced in the summer 2019 release, only took short 8 years

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8 years later but not for free

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Yeah, another situation where I'm in deep doo-doo. I told my colleagues I could easily set up a registration limit because of course you can, literally every single registration service I've used, and I've used a lot, has one. Our spaces have four walls that do not move. This is a no-brainer. Very distressed that this doesn't exist.