Calendar Link Token 2.0

Calendar Link Token 2.0

This is not my original idea. My goal is to sum up many of the comments & ideas that have been posted over the last 3+ years with regards to the calendar token.

In no particular order of priority, here's what my research sees as the biggest updates needed to the Calendar Link Token based on activity within the Community:

1) Ability to control the reminder

     * the inability to control the reminder in the Calendar Link token forces marketers to do work-arounds (ex. host a unique ICS file in the Design Studio for every event/webinar) and has a negative impact on attendance numbers
2) Increased variety of calendar integrations

     * currently, the ics file is only supporting Outlook's calendar. As more businesses switch to Google Business or adopt 3rd party calendar services (ex. Sunrise), marketers need the ability to offer calendar invites for a wider variety of calendars

3) UX

     * in creating the Calendar Link Token, Marketo users are able to use other tokens in the Description section only, but would benefit greatly from the ability to use tokens to edit the Date/Time & Subject

     * having the ability to style the the text within the Calendar Link token

4) Adding calendar link token to landing pages

     * this functionality would offer more opportunities for the registrants to save the event/webinar to their calendar

     * though it understandably takes a short amount of time to generate unique URLs for each lead who registers for a webinar, the Calendar Link could appear on the Landing Page with text along the lines of "Please Wait...Generating Your Unique URL" until the Calendar Link is ready. This would indicate to the lead that their time is not being wasted and it also would give Marketo + the webinar platform time to generate a unique URL.

These cover the majority of ideas/comments about the Calendar Link Token I found while surfing through the Community but please comment below if there are any that I've missed or additional features you'd like to see!

Sanford Whiteman

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Hi Danny,

IMHO, you should move this complete post to the product questions section and provide links to the original ideas as well as references/thank you to their authors Discussions resurface much more easily and will get a better visibility in the community. Also, their authors will be notified, and will react, increasing the visibility of the post.


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Hey Greg,

Thanks for the tip! I've moved the post over to the Discussion board, per your recommendation.


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You should add:

  • Create the token as a URL rather than complete HTML.

There are a number of posts where people outline their various styling hacks, which could all be eliminated by just providing the URL rather than HTML. That way we can add whatever text and styling we need ourselves - or even link an image.

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so true.

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