Calendar file token with no HTML

Calendar file token with no HTML

I need access directly to the address where the ICS file is hosted:

or even just the decorated version:

but the token will only print it inside the href attribute of a link:

<a href="">Save the Date</a>

Thus, I need a separate token for each phrase or image I want to link to that image. For example, if I want one email inside the program to have link text saying "save the date" and I want another email to have link text saying "calendar", I need two separate tokens.

My proposed solution is a checkbox on the calendar file form which would allow me to specify if I want an hmtl link or just a raw web address.

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We ran into this problem last week.

What I ended up doing is...

  1. put the token in the email.
  2. Preview.
  3. Make note of the url.
  4. Removed the token from the email, but left the calendar token in the program.
  5. Used the url in a generic link token in our button (the button supplied the styling, plus the url printed out in the Text Only version)

Not an elegant solution, but did the job while we wait for something like this to be implemented.

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yeah and works only as long as you dont change the title within the token, which will change the ics file name.

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