Bring back the 'old' search functionality in the new user interface

Bring back the 'old' search functionality in the new user interface

Dear Product Team,

We have tried the new user interface in the Design Studio for Images and Files.

For some reason, using the new interface, we cannot search for an image or files based on a key word in their names. Instead, in the new interface, we could only research an image or file by its first letter. This has caused a huge inconvenience for us to search for images and files. We have hundreds of images and files in our Design Studio, and it is impossible to search based only on the first letter of the file name.

We have reached out to support regarding this change, and this is their response:

"They mentioned that this is an updated performance related function for the New Interface. "Search works differently in the new UX for performance related reasons and cannot be changed to the classic "contains" behavior.  At some point in the near future the classic experience will be removed and search across all assets will be consistent."


It seems silly to remove the 'contain' logic in the search bar, as the whole point of the research bar is to perform search so that the user could quickly find things.

Hope that's enough information for the situation. Thank you!

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I can't believe Marketo have known about it this long and yet we are left stuck with useless search functionality now that we cant toggle to the old UI anymore. Should have left the toggle option until you had a fix available for the new UI.

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We were finally forced into using the modern UX for the design studio (there'd long been an option to maintain the classic experience).

Search without "contains" will make it impossible for anyone without institutional knowledge to find anything. I've been using our particular instance for years ... we have 1,000s of assets ... and I'm finding the experience very frustrating.

Please restore the key search feature!

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@Dan_Askin I have been looking in Design Studio today in the new UX and the search function seems to work on just a word or few letters. 


An issue with name search for example searching by 'Phase Out' for an icon when the image is actually named 'Phase-Out' so not found in search if written with a space, but if I just type 'Phase' then I get all icons/images. So in some ways you need to be spot on, or reduce the search text.

At top level the search returns images from all folders, you do have to double click on the image to find the folder it is located in. This is only an issue if you are looking at 2 or 3 images and they are in different folders and have to redo the search in top level.

It would be good if the folder was also listed so you can go into the different folders to search as well.

I read that more features would come in early 2024 to refine the search function in Design Studio.


So far for me the image search is on a par with the old UX.

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@ndalvi Thank you for the information on the functionality update. For those of us who have 1000s of images (some of which we reused across our regions frequently) could you consider bringing back the toggle to go back to the old experience until you fix this very substantial issue?

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@Zoe_Forman, unfortunately, I'm not seeing that. For example, if I search "bullseye" -- one of our partners for which we have 20+ assets -- I get only one result: 




I don't get, eg, something that follows our "correct" naming convention for sponsored assets ... [Team Name]-Sponsored-[Partner Name]-[Description]-[Size]-[Upload Date]


We do have a folder for Bullseye, so that helps, but if someone places the asset in the wrong folder, it may disappear into the ether. 
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What is going on here? The "New Experience" still has a broken search feature where searching for "joe" returns joe123.jpg, but not 123joe.jpg. 

This oversight is almost unbelievable, and now you've also disabled the ability to revert to the "old" experience. 

How are we supposed to find our images now?