Break up batch email sends into smaller send groups based on set cadence

Break up batch email sends into smaller send groups based on set cadence

Add a feature to batch email sends (regardless of program type) that enables you to send smaller batches based on a designated cadence - rather than sending the whole batch at one scheduled time. The option could be added to the "run once" button to allow us to "set cadence" (or something). This option would give you the capability to select how many people from the entire batch receive the email at one time. You would also be able to indicate when the next send(s) goes out to the other contacts from the smart list. This feature would only be available when all contacts are supposed to receive the same email.

For example:

Smart list tab pulls 14,000 contacts.

Flow step tab sends email (among other things if needed)

Schedule tab sends email to 2,000 contacts each day for 7 days (excluding Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)

To do this currently, we need to use the random sample feature to add contacts to different lists and send emails based on the assigned list using wait steps. That's at least 15 different flow steps.

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I really like this idea.

it would be really helpful if your campaign involves a CTA to ring a call centre. This feature will allow avoiding getting the call centre flooded with phonecalls and breaking the load into several days instead​

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