Block deletion of RCE folders with content.

Block deletion of RCE folders with content.

In RCE you can right click a folder and get a delete option.

However the delete option only appears if there is content in the folder. This allows you to delete a folder and everything it contains in one shot.


If a folder is empty, the delete choice does not appear. Meaning you can't delete empty folders, only folders that have something in them.


This is incredibly dangerous. You should only be allowed to delete empty folders, not the reverse. (Also - the New Folder choice doesn't work on an empty folder. You have to create a report or dashboard first, then you can create a new folder.)
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Thank You!!!
I've asked about this folder structure to be revised for a long time.
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Any update on this from the Marketo product team?  We're opening up RCE to more and more users in our Marketing organization.  And it scares the heck out of me that someone can very easily delete all of the reports in one quick step.  How about adding folder permissions based on user-role?  If someone does accidentally delete a bunch of reports, is this backed up anywhere?  Can we call Support to have them recovered?
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Additionally, it would be good to be able to rename folders...
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@Alexy Kudashev - In the new RCE interface it does allow you to rename folders.

It also allows you to delete empty folders which is good, and while it still allows you to delete folders with content, it at least pops up a warning message now asking you to confirm.

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