Better Organization for Local Program Tokens

Better Organization for Local Program Tokens

It would be nice if there was a way to folder or organize local program tokens so that they could be more manageable. In certain programs where you end up with dozens and dozens of tokens, it is hard to keep them organized and clean. Sure, you can name them to sort them in a certain order, but then the names become long and messy. It would be awesome to have improved organization here. 🙂

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I was going to start a NEW idea, but found this one while scanning for similar ideas.

One way of organising local token better would be having a token tab on Email and Landing Page Assets.

They would follow the same nesting rules.

We have organisation issues particularly programs than have a mix of Emails and Landing Pages. It makes for a complicated jumble of tokens.

... actually I'll add it as a separate Idea too. This Idea might spring other, better solutions 😉

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