Attach files to a case upon creation

Attach files to a case upon creation

I think it's a good idea to allow people to upload files when creating a case. I always have to create it, view case details, and then upload; not efficient.

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Agree 200%

Level 7

This idea has been voiced a few times within community ( and )... is there any update? Looks like Kenneth Law​ was the one to respond to the other ideas...

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It is still on the roadmap, but as odd as it sounds, not as simple to create this as it seems.  It's fallen off the list of enhancements due to other priorities, but we'll make sure we bring it back into focus for a future deployment.

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I was just thinking how you can add an attachment to a post here on community. Maybe you could keep that format and just tag it as support case or something.

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I like that we can copy and paste images into the community and think it would be very helpful to see that feature incorporated into support cases.

I use the Windows Snipping Tool a lot when sending screenshots and have to go through the extra steps of saving, then finding and attaching images into the support case.

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