Apply more than one tag value

Apply more than one tag value

Many times we have programs that include multiple segments. It would be great to be able to assign multiple tags values to track this.

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We were surprised that we cannot select mutliple tag values, so we are anxious to know if/when Marketo might add this functionality. It would be a game-changer. In the meantime, we'd love to know if/how most companies manage to this limitation?

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Yeah, this seems like basic "tag" functionality. The terminology that Marketo uses is pretty misleading as a "tag" suggests that you can add more than one. When you're setting up tags in admin, they ask if you want to create a new "tag type" and then the values under that "tag type" are called "tags", yet you can't select more than one of those "tags" contrary to what every other platform ever considers normal tag behavior. (also posted here)

A PERFECT example of this is the "country" tag we use to track programs. We'd love to be able to choose multiple countries to show that a white paper has a different version for different regions, all within the same program (we don't have separate partitions). This would make RCE so much more powerful for us.

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I would love to see this functionality. We have programs that touch multiple Geos and Products, therefore only being able to tag a single value is very limiting.

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