API Sync lead activity

API Sync lead activity

We would like to have a filterable action in the activity log when a lead is updated via the API. It would be even better if we could pass in a string so we could identify the source.  This would allow us to replicate our "fills out form" flows for data that comes in from the API.  Our workaround for now is to do a request campaign after the lead sync happens, but this can add up to a lot of extra calls we would like to avoid.


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Good morning, Lyle!

You can trigger off data value changes via the SOAP API by adding either constraint below:

1.  Reason: Is: SOAP API


2.  Source: is: Web service API

If the lead is being created via SOAP API, the same constraints apply there as well, so you can have that trigger your campaigns.  As far as passing which SOAP API source the information is coming from, you'd need to setup a field that the SOAP clients would populated with their own information (entirely up to you what you've have in there).

Let me know if you have any questions!

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