Any plans for Interactive Hotspots in Email?


Any plans for Interactive Hotspots in Email?

Are there any plans to add interactive hotspots for Marketo emails to  enhance user engagement and interaction within emails?.
Including some of these features:

  1. Clickable Images and Graphics: Allow recipients to click on specific parts of an image or graphic within the email to trigger an action, such as opening a link or expanding a product description.

  2. Product Showcases: Display a product catalog or gallery within the email, and let users click on individual items to view more details, add them to a cart, or navigate to the product page on your website.

  3. Navigation Menus: Create a mini navigation menu within the email, allowing users to jump directly to different sections or pages of your website.

  4. Video Thumbnails: Embed video thumbnails that, when clicked, play a video right within the email itself or redirect users to a landing page where the video can be viewed.

    Obviously need to consider compatibility and test thoroughly to ensure a consistent experience across different devices and platforms and remember that while interactive hotspots can enhance user experience, they might not be supported by all email clients.