Always open links in new tab in email preview

Always open links in new tab in email preview

Often when I'm previewing an email if I click a link it doesn't take me to a new tab, it just refreshes the body with blank content. Then I have to Alt  Back-arrow to get back to the email. It'd be nice to be able to fix this. Either put up a destination thumbnail on mouseover or force the Ctrl-Click (which opens in new tab).

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Nice. Ben Johnson​ let's take a look a this one.

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Hi Robb and Ben Johnson

It's a best practice to have all links in an email with a "_blank" target, as this will significantly facilitate the life of users of webmail apps. furthermore, if you do this, all the links will lead to new tab

My take on this is that the default value for the target setting of all links should be "_blank".


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I'm talking about in email previews.

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Hi Robb,

The "_blank" target works also in email preview. I just tested.


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