Allow "member of program" filter to span across workspaces

Allow "member of program" filter to span across workspaces

Many of our central content programs are created in our global/default workspace.  But most of of nurture programs/EPs are built within the individual country workspaces.  Obviously we don't want to promote content to users who have already engaged with that content (aka, member of content program).  However, there's no way to filter out these leads from engagement casts using "member of program" when that program exists outside of the workspace.  I would like to have the ability to filter on any program throughout our entire Marketo environment.

If this is too difficult to implement, then at least allow a "contains" operator within the filter/trigger (similar to how we track form submits that occur with forms that exist in other workspaces).  Today, only the following four are available:


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Hi Dan,

May be it should take the form of a "workspace" constraint on the filter.

This could also apply to all other program related filters and triggers.


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