Allow Mass Update/Deletion of Program Tags

Allow Mass Update/Deletion of Program Tags


Here I am, 2+ years in production and I hear that a tag we have been using since we went live needs to be decommissioned. I am able to hide tag values, but am unable to delete an entire tag across all programs. Maybe I'm a little obsessive compulsive, but I like things clean and only want to show program tags that are required.  Just like the mass approval capability we have in the Design Studio with Landing Pages and Emails, we should be able to mass update tag values across all programs in MKTO.

This functionality should include a way to filter programs based on name or tag and mass append, edit, or delete selected program tags.

This would be extremely helpful as I currently need to edit each program individually if I want to remove or edit the tag value. With 400+ programs, this is not currently feasible.


Keith Nyberg

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