Add Trigger Tokens for Programs


Add Trigger Tokens for Programs

The suggestion is to add to the list of trigger tokens a new set of trigger tokens for Marketo Program triggers:

- Added to Engagement Program

- Engagement Program Cadence Changes

- Engagement Program Stream Changes

- Program Member Data is Changed

- Program Status is Changed


The primary use case would be the {{trigger.Name}} token, which could be used in the above triggered campaigns to populate the Program Name in a flow step to enable program-level changes at a global level.


For example, in our instance, we need to populate a Program Member Custom Field (PMCF) with a common value whenever a lead reaches success in a program. Currently, we have to add the flow step in each individual program to set the PMCF. If we had a trigger token, we could have a single global campaign that could populate the PMCF across campaigns. Here's an example of the campaign setup:


Smart List:
Program Member Status is Changed
--- Program: Is Any
--- Success: True


Change Program Member Data

--- Program: {{token.Name}}

--- Attribute: [PMCF]
--- New Value: [value]

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Marketo Employee
Status changed to: Under review

Thank you for your idea. The Product Management team will evaluate your idea and may follow up with you for more details, if needed.