Add Token for View In Browser It's the same as Forward to a Friend!

Add Token for View In Browser It's the same as Forward to a Friend!

To include pre-header text (for email preview optimization), Marketo really needs a token for "View as a Web Page".

(This also alleviates the eyesore of the unformatted "View in your browser" link that is separate from the tempalte...)

Right now, the Forward to a Friend token creates almost the same link as the View in Web Page (used in the header when the check box is selected).

Forward to a Friend:

View as a Web Page:

It should be very easy for Marketo to set up a token called {{system.emailWebView}}

This token would just do the same exact thing as Forward to a Friend, except that it excluded the "ftf=true" from the output URL.

Please vote for this - it would save a ton of time!


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This is the reason we've never implemented this feature. If I could bundle View as Webpage + F2f + Social together I'd be a lot happier with using the feature. But as it stands now it I don't find it attractice enough to be useful. And my pet peeve in life is when you get an email & outlook pops up the quick view notification and inside it says the Subject line + Having Trouble? View this email as a webpage. Drives me nuts, so we've just skipped this feature all together.
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{{system.emailWebView}} - it's a good idea.
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We added a system token for View Email As Web Page and Unsubscribe.  It allows you to put the links anywhere on the email.

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Updating the link here:
Add a System Token as a Link in an Email - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Includes the View as Web Page token

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