Add seconds/milliseconds info to Activity Log

Add seconds/milliseconds info to Activity Log

Right now, the granularity of the datetime in the activity log only goes down to the minute. As a result, some complex campaigns/processes show a few dozen individual actions that are completely out of order. They all took place in the same minute, yes. But that info is really hard to use when you are trying to diagnose a complex flow of events.

For instance, a form fill out that triggers a whole host of events will often be the first chronological event (i.e. it's further down in the activity log). However, almost all of the time, it's listed above (i.e. after) many of the campaigns that the form fill event actually triggered.

As it stands now, it's incredibly difficult to look at these activity logs and diagnose what happened in what order.

Presumably, the second and millisecond field is being stored for these events (that's generally how modern web platforms collect timestamp - it's more granular than just minutes). It's hopefully just a matter of displaying it in the UI.

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In fact, I know the seconds value is available, because if you click on the actual activity log entry, it shows seconds. Why not just drop this in the full log view? (And add milliseconds too - we are dealing with fast computers here, for which even a second is an absolute eternity)

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and if it's too much of a hassle to include the seconds/milliseconds within the view, then at least sort the true chronological order of activities so that the activity takes on a logical view.

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