Add email address to SP_Send_Alert_Info

Add email address to SP_Send_Alert_Info

It would be great if we could modify, or add lead email address to the Send Alert Token {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}}.

Being able to modify it and set it up exactly as how we need it would save so much time in developing many alerts.

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Are you using {{lead.Email Address}} in the alert as well? The reason SP_Send_Alert_Info is so popular is because it provides links to the record in Marketo and SFDC, but it wasn't really meant to give everything.
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Hey Grant, thanks for responding.

For sure, I am using the email token and a handful of other tokens as well.

I guess I was surprised that email address wasn't included in the {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} token.
I was just thinking it would be sweet to have one token that was automatically formatted with the essentials.
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Hi team,
we like the idea very much - would be great if under the Admin area we are able to at least customize the info that is shown on the Alert emails in this token, sample would be: First+Last Name and then update the SFDC Info text to - Click here for the Salesforce information. We got some compaints about the text of the token: sales representatives tend to click on the name of the lead and as they are not Marketo users, they get to the Marketo login page. 
Having the email address added to the token data would be definately a plus for us as well.

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