Add Champion/Challenger support to Basic Reporting for emails

Add Champion/Challenger support to Basic Reporting for emails

I would like an easier way to report on Challenger/Champion email performance with a basic report.

As it stands, either I have to create separate reports for test variants, or run a RCE report that may or may not have updated results.

It seems to me that the ability to split an email performance report up by test variations would greatly enhance their value.
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I definitely agree! When using Champion/Challenger I expected to be able to just compare email performance reports for each variation, but instead I have to export the data and make my own report to see the granular results. The dashboard is good, but only for a really high level look.

I also think that Champion/Challenger reporting should include confidence levels. I currently have to use an outside tool to judge whether or not the test results are statistically significant enough to determine a winner. 
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I am blown away that this was flagged 6 years ago.  I just started my for foray into Marketo last month in charge of A/B testing and email optimization and it seems crazy that there is no standard reporting for this.  I have an excel document about 800 rows long just to keep track manually of everything we have being tested.  Is there anything on the roadmap for this?

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The champion/challenger function could be so much more useful if I could see the results.