Add ability to CC related entitites on email

Add ability to CC related entitites on email

So, here is a scenario we don't know how to accomplish with Marketo - but would VERY much like to.

We offer Gold Contracts (think product insurance for products/updates) often through our Channel Distribution teams.

These are named individuals with unique ID/PINS in our system that we communicate their entitlements to.

Our distributors are wanting to be CC'd on the end-users welcome message (or an equivalent notification) that the users contract has been initiated.

So there is a relationship between who we are communicating with and where they purchased. We can have that information in a discreet field, but we don't know how to make the program systematically work. So if we do a trigger to respond to the user, how do we have it email a corresponding address?

I've had the same requests from our direct sales teams - they like to be CC'd on certain emails sent to customers (not always a lead/account owner) - so the need to refer to a designated field.

I'd also like the ability of using this field and perhaps connect it to a smartlist - would use this functionality for staff seed lists.

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