Add a "We're Working On It" status to Ideas

Add a "We're Working On It" status to Ideas

I think many of us get false hope when we see a "we like it" status for Ideas in the community. Especially when some of the most voted on ideas - like subscribing to smart lists - have a "we like it" status, yet are several years old. I think it would set better expectations if a "we're working on it" was added to the list of statuses.
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I just realized that there already is a status like this - "working on it now". I guess I just haven't come across an idea that had this status. I noticed it in the status filter at the top of the Ideas page. I was, however, surprised to see that some of these ideas with this status were four years old. Perhaps some of these just aren't being updated to "already have it" once they've been completed.
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Hey Dan
The PMs and I got a kick out of this because we had just used this status a few times when we got to your idea, so we had to mark it appropriately! 

We do use this status sparingly as we take it seriously...and we will go in and clean up the old "working on it nows". Another reason we're hesitant to put it, things change quickly in the world of Product Management. Thanks for all your input and contributions. 



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Status changed to: Already have it