Ability to export reports from Email Insights

Ability to export reports from Email Insights

Currently we can create charts from email insights and save them within it but it doesn't allow us to export any data. So if I need to share the same data with any user outside of Marketo, I can't do that. Can you please add this feature in email insights please!!

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You can't export? I don't have Email Insights yet but on the email insights docs page (Email Insights Analytics Overview - Marketo Docs - Product Docs )​ some screenshots have an image that looks like the ability to download. You can see it in the screenshot under the words "The chart displays your filtered criteria. To hide one of your filters, simply click its color bar...".

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No You can't export data/charts from email insights. I had a session with Marketo taking us through email Insights at our company, we brought this up with them and Marketo agreed on this not being available. You can create charts and save them for review later but these would only be accessible to Marketo users within your company. You can't export or schedule as you could do with reports in analytics.

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