A report to monitor program creation

A report to monitor program creation

I have confirmed with Marketo support there is no report or reporting mechanism to monitor when a new program is created.

I would find it very helpful if I could run a report daily or weekly to see what programs were created that week and by what user. We have multiple users utilizing Marketo and from time to time they make mistakes like improperly adding channel tags, or forgetting a period cost, or naming the program correctly.

Even when I make the tags required a user can still create a program without adding all the necessary tags or improperly naming the program. Currently, I have a report I pull that lists every program based on the program name but this is not ideal because it includes everything not just the net new.

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The upcoming Audit trail feature (Sept 23rd) might be able to provide you with this info.

not as convenient as a report, but still better than nothing.


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