Status Update Tips & Tricks

Status updates let you interact with others in the community. You can also delete your own updates, see who liked them, see other people's updates, and several other fancy things

Interact with Others from Status Updates
Comment on, share, or follow a status update by clicking any of these commands in the footer of the update (yours or others'). This is a fun way to engage with other community members.

Use Tags in Your Status Updates Insert one or more tag(s) in your update by preceding keywords with a hash or pound sign (#) so that you and others can find the update more easily later. For more on tagging, see  Using Tags.

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Delete Your Status Update
Delete your own update by going to your Inbox and clicking on the time stamp in the update (for example, "posted 2 hours ago"). From the permalink page, click  Delete. You can also delete an update by going to your user profile and clicking Activity > Status Updates. From there, click the update's time stamp, and then  Delete.
See Who Liked Your Status Update
Click the number next to Like in your status update to see the people who liked it.
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Filter by Status Updates
Filter any of your attention streams by selecting Filter > Status Updates.
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See Someone Else's Status Updates
Click a person's avatar or name from any of your attention streams, or search for the person from the People finder or spotlight search box. Click on the person's name to go to their profile page, then click Activity > Status Updates.

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