• Customers are encouraged to use the Ideas section on the community to share their ideas for new features or enhancements to the product.
  • The more "Likes" an idea gets, the more likely Marketo will add it to the product roadmap. Therefore, vote for ideas you like!
  • The Product Management team reviews ideas every week, and will add as many great ideas as possible.
  • Getting started in the Marketo Community -

Request through Premier/Elite Support

  • Elite and Premier customers should discuss their business requirements with their named support engineers (NSE)
  • Support Engineers will work with subject matter experts (SME) to come up with solutions
  • Champion with Product Management for product enhancements
  • Depending on the nature of the issue, Product Management will review and come up with a plan
  • Support will communicate the plan to the customer

Situation Management

  • Customers can reach support management through the escalation process, and create a Situation Management case by directly emailing
  • Customers should discuss with management about product enhancements and how critical the enhancements are for their business
  • Management will discuss with product management regarding the feasibility
  • Management will communicate back with a plan

Quarterly CS Roadmap discussion

  • CS teams should collect and prioritize feedback from teams
  • The Support team can send an email to Tier 3 to include an enhancement request in the roadmap discussion
  • CS functional leads to identify common themes, and prioritize across CS groups
  • PM/Engineering feedback will be captured during meetings in Smartsheet
  • All information can then be revisited ongoing as needed