New to Community? Follow these 3 easy steps!

1. Access the Community for the first time:

  • Close all browsers
  • Login to your Marketo instance as you normally would, and click the Community tab (Top right corner). 
  • Fill out all prompted information and Save.
  • If you or a customer have issues, email 

2. Set Up Your Profile

  • Add (Primary) after your title so people know which account to connect with. i.e. Product Manager (Primary)
  • Important : Only log into community with your primary account going forward. Even if you have several demo accounts, please select one and stick with it!
  • Add a clear headshot and avatar to your profile page. The avatar follows you around when you post and is edited in your profile
  • Add your location and a brief bio

3. Edit your Email Preferences

    1. Click the arrow next to your avatar in global navigation and click “preferences” in the drop down.
    2. Click here to learn more


If you have questions post questions in Community Help & Feedback. We look forward to seeing you in Community!