Common Content Functions: Follow, Share, Bookmark, Like

At the top right corner of every piece of content in a Jive site, users will see 4 standard ways to interact with content.


Should you encounter a piece of content that warrants watching it closely, you may choose to “Follow” the content to be apprised of its changes and activity. Following content will route its activity into your activity stream. You can choose which activity stream you wish to follow the activity in, including your custom streams.


By sharing content with your colleagues, you can bring interesting content to their attention they may not have otherwise seen. Share is also great for collaborating on private content, without out having to @mention someone. You can share content with your labels too.


Bookmarking enables you to easily return to relevant or important pieces of content without having to search for them. You can only bookmark content, not people or places, and your bookmarks can be found by clicking in the search window and choosing the bookmark option.


The ability to like content plays an important role in connecting with your colleagues, their work, and showing your support for something. From a blog post sharing a story, to a document that really needed to be created, liking is an easy way to express a quick sentiment in the community.

Liking isn't only limited to content types, it can be done against comments and status updates as well.

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