When you log into the community and click on your profile, you may be a bit surprised, perhaps even angry at first. "it looks totally different, I can't find anything!" may be your initial thought or saying out loud. But...then you take a closer look and realize you may have been overreacting, and the profile actually is a lot cleaner and it is easier to find things.

First, let me start by saying I totally understand your initial feelings that change is annoying and inconvenient...if those in fact were your initial feelings. But let me walk you through the sweet new look and feel of your profile so you can at least hear the benefits, if you don't already see them.

Here's what made my top 5 in terms of upgrades:

1. The layout in general is soooo much cleaner. Sure there is not as much color contrast which as first, threw me off. But seeing all the pages neatly laid out as tabs under my photo made me very happy. Some of those were hidden under drop downs before.

Here on the profile overview page you've got your personal information on the left with the most important above the fold. Nothing has changed with the order by which your personal info is presented.


2. You can easily edit your profile, photo, and location with one to two clicks. See below.



3. Photos got demoted (scroll to the bottom of the profile page). The community is not meant to compete with or replace your Facebook page, so it makes sense that the photos were moved to the bottom of the page. They are still there for those people that want to get to know you a bit better, but doesn't take up half the page like before.

This does not take away the importance of the avatar and profile photo, please please make sure those are complete!


4. Points & reputation got an upgrade! I love that the points are easily seen in the top right, and just by clicking on them you are taken to the reputation tab, which you also now see from teh overview page. It was fairly hidden before, so this is a great addition.


5. Content tab is easy to find, and one of the most important in my opinion. If you've ever posted something in our vast community and then tried to reference it again but could not find it...this is your money maker. Click this tab and view any of your drafts, authored content, content you've participated in, or even content you are following.


I hope you enjoy this nice upgrade and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment!