Report on SFDC Queue

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Report on SFDC Queue

Our leads are added to a lead queue in SFDC, and I am hoping I can pull in through Marketo how many leads are in the queue. The queue is where the leads sit while they go through Marketing efforts, and we need to keep a close eye on when Sales takes out leads for themselves.

Any best practices out there?

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Re: Report on SFDC Queue


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The lead queue is native to SFDC, so Marketo cannot see if a lead is in the queue. If you use the "Sync Person to SFDC" flow step and then select "Assign to: Use Auto-Assignment Rules" Marketo will drop them into that SFDC queue and that is the only time Marketo will know the person is in the queue. If people in the queue all have the same status or same owner, then you can use those filters instead to run a smart list to determine who is still in the queue.