Problem with double opt-in and multiple newsletters

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Problem with double opt-in and multiple newsletters

  Dear Marketo community,

A few months ago we started with Marketo and started sending out an newsletter once leads applied for our double opt-in.

Right now we've launched a second newsletter. For which leads also need to sign up an run through the double opt-in to confirm that they're signed up.

But now we have a problem. both type of leads run through the double opt-in, but how do i determine which newsletter to send to which lead? Do we make a double opt-in procedure for each newsletter? Or is there a better way to filter them out?

I hope you have some advice for me. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Problem with double opt-in and multiple newsletters

We created a series of custom fields in Marketo for each of our different newsletters. You'd use a smart campaign to listen for the double opt-in confirmation for each of the newsletters, then when triggered you would set the value of the newsletter specific field to true. You could then use those fields to determine which newsletters they should be receiving. That would be the longest route.

Another option would be to only require double opt-in for the first newsletter they signup for then if they subscribe to the second later on since they're already opted into receiving email from you you just subscribe them to the second newsletter.