Importing Users and referencing them in an email

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Importing Users and referencing them in an email


Please excuse if my questions are obvious, or easily to find on any help pages, i am a complete newbie.

1. Importing users:

I am trying to import users from our platform to an already existing account with already many leads and admins. I am working in a testing environment.

So at first i went to the lead database and created a new lead group in the group lists. it worked, but many fields were still missing, so i deleted all the leads and prepared a new list for import.

but now none of the users is imported and i get this error message in each line when downloading the error csv:

"Lead exists in another lead partition in your Marketo account"

But i cannot find any other lead partition.

furthermore, even if the users existe somewhere else, i want to have them in my list.

how can i do this?

2. sending email with lead reference

my second question is about sending out emails with links to a landing page.

can i have personalized links in the email, so when the email receiver clicks a link to a landing page, then he is automatically registered on the landing page without having to fill out any kind of form?

the reason why i ask is, that the users already registered on our platform, and i do not want to have them register again for tracking them in marketo.

Thank you very much for you help,