Level 8

SFDC Campaign and Marketo Mapping options and behaviour

There are two approaches by which we can sync the SFDC campaign with our Marketo program.

1)      At Program level:

Click on Setup tab of program and then drag and drop the SFDC campaign sync and then create a campaign if it’s not created yet or search for the existing campaign.

This approach will sync all the leads into SFDC campaign irrespective of their status. As soon as the program will have new members, all those new members will get synced with Salesforce campaign with their status.

To use this approach, you have to make sure that your program status and SFDC campaign status are same.

To get the correct success rate, you have to change the status by smart campaign.

             Eg. Change program status to Engaged or Converted (Depend upon your progression in channel.)

CONS: Once you will set the SFDC campaign id at program level, then you cannot use the same campaign id for another program at program level. Now in this Scenario the Naming convention is really helpful. If you are not using any Naming convention, then you will not able to find the program which is associated with SFDC campaign id. Then you need to reach support team and ask them to provide you the program name. There is already an idea created by Grégoire Michel in the community Being able to identify in SFDC when a campaign is mapped with a program.

2)      SFDC campaign in Smart Campaign Flow Step:

This approach will sync the leads with SFDC only when the lead will fulfill the criteria set in Smart list tab.

E.g. We only want to sync leads who will fill the form or we want leads who are ready for sales team.

In this approach if both Campaign and program channel has different status, then also we can sync the leads and change their status as per the SFDC campaign status by using the flow step “Change status in SFDC campaign”.

Eg. Status in Marketo Program-> Clicked, Converted

    Status in SFDC campaign -> Sent Responded

Harish Gupta