Guidelines for the Responsible Use of Generative AI in the Marketo Engage Community

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Guidelines for the Responsible Use of Generative AI in the Marketo Engage Community



The Marketo Engage Community values genuine and high-quality contributions from its members. With the rise of Generative AI technologies, we acknowledge the opportunities and challenges they present. This document outlines our guidelines to ensure the responsible use of AI-generated content while preserving the integrity and trustworthiness of Community discussions.


  1. Responsible Use of Generative AI - Generative AI is meant to enhance, not replace, human input. Users should ensure AI-generated content is accurate, relevant, and adds value to discussions. It is crucial to verify the accuracy of AI-generated responses to prevent misleading information.
  2. Transparency and Disclosure - Any post or comment containing AI-generated content must include a disclaimer stating its AI origin. This transparency helps members understand the context of the content. Ensure the AI disclaimer is clear and prominently displayed within the post or comment to maintain transparency. Suggested disclaimer: "This response is inspired by/sourced from Generative AI."
  3. Quality and Accuracy - AI-generated content must uphold the same standards as human-generated content, in that it is informative, accurate, relevant, and helpful. Before posting AI-generated content, users should verify its accuracy by cross-referencing with reliable sources. This verification helps prevent the spreading of misleading information. If sources are provided in the AI-generated output, they should also be reviewed and/or added to the published response.
  4. Reporting and Enforcement Community Managers (CMs) will monitor AI use to ensure compliance:
    • Reporting Issues: Users can report non-compliant posts by expanding the content’s options menu and clicking on “Report”. Alternatively, they can message a CM directly. Reasons to Report: Lack of AI disclosure, inaccurate or misleading information, or lack of verification.
    • Review Process: CMs will review the flagged content to determine if it violates the guidelines. If necessary, the post will be flagged for revision or removed entirely. Further action may be taken against repeat offenders
  5. Continuous Improvement We value any feedback you may have to refine and enhance these guidelines. Updates will address emerging issues and technological advancements.


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