[Updated for 2024] Your Guide to Adobe Marketo Engage's Advocacy Programs

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

The goal of our Customer Advocacy Programs is to help our customers showcase their success with Marketo and engage with The Marketing Nation. We have a number of programs and opportunities available for Marketo advocates to network with marketing peers, share your success and best practices, and highlight your innovations in the marketing field.


Adobe Experience Cloud Advocates

We take immense pride in highlighting customers and partners globally, possessing profound expertise and passion for Adobe Experience Cloud products. Our advocacy initiatives aim to actively involve, uplift, commemorate, and acknowledge individuals surpassing expectations in bolstering the worldwide Experience Cloud customer community.


Explore further details on our advocacy programs here!



Adobe Marketo Engage User Groups

Marketo User Groups (MUGs) are regional gatherings organized by and for Marketo users. These groups offer a platform for customers to convene face-to-face, fostering collaboration, idea exchange, networking, and problem-solving. Recognizing the challenges of relying solely on a global network in a digital age, we strongly encourage participation in local MUGs to enhance your success with Marketo.


Virtual Marketo User Groups (VMUGs) offer a distinct opportunity to connect with fellow Marketo users facing similar challenges in a virtual setting. These forums provide comparable benefits to our regional MUGs, catering to customers without a local MUG or those seeking connections within their industry.


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Adobe Marketo Engage Champion Program

The Adobe Champion Program transcends mere acknowledgment; it's an exciting expedition of personal and professional advancement that positions you at the forefront of industry leadership. Envision being part of an exclusive cohort shaping the trajectory of Adobe products, sharing your expertise, and propelling your career forward in the process.


Initiated over a decade ago, the Adobe Marketo Engage Champion Program has transformed into a prestigious opportunity, catering to top users in Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager as well.


Learn more about the Adobe Champion Program benefits here!

Check out the Adobe Champion class of 2023-2024!



If you have any questions about the Customer Advocacy Programs mentioned above, please don't hesitate to email the Customer Marketing team directly at advocacy@adobe.com