LinkedIn Re-authentication Required

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

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On December 15,
 2024, LinkedIn is deprecating old versions of the APIs used in the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms integration with Marketo Engage.  The new versions of these APIs require a different set of permissions and will require reauthentication with LinkedIn to use the new versions of these APIs.  Support will be introduced for the new version of these APIs with the July 2024 Release 


What do I need to do?

You'll need to reauthenticate any LaunchPoint services of the Type “LinkedIn Lead Gen” or “LinkedIn Matched Audiences” and agree to the new permission scopes required by the updated LinkedIn APIs between July 26 and December 15, 2024 to avoid any service interruption. You can find these by clicking on the Type column in your Admin > LaunchPoint menu. Selecting Group By This Field can make this process easier by grouping all services of the same type together:






NOTE: Reauthenticating any LinkedIn service of Lead Gen or Matched Audiences will force all LI integrations in your instance to use the new API versions, requiring each instance of LI Lead Gen services to be reauthenticated to continue normal operation. 


Why do I need to reauthenticate Matched Audience Services, if the change is to Lead Gen Forms?

Reauthentication revokes any tokens generated with older permissions, causing authentication with those tokens to be invalid for all integrations using the same LinkedIn app.  Reauthentication provides new, valid tokens so the services can successfully authenticate. 


Will the behavior of the integration change?

There should not be any changes to the functionality of the integration.


What will happen if I do not reauthenticate LI Lead Gen services?

Services that have not been re-authenticated will stop working, and submissions to Lead Gen forms will stop flowing into your Marketo Engage instance after the final deprecation by LinkedIn on December 15, 2024.