Learn from your peers webinar | Person Scoring Mastery with Marketo Engage: Localized Nuances in a Global Framework

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Marketo Employee
Last updated date: January 22, 2024


Hi Marketo Engage Community,


As we approach the end of the year, I am excited to share that we have planned a new 'Learn from your peers' webinar in January 2024. As an administrator, you develop Marketo Engage person scoring model based on the real business value of the scoring elements compared to each other. But what if that business value varies in different markets? How do you allow for local influences without losing consistency across your organization? 


Tune in as Marketo Engage Champion, @Katja_Keesom shares how to find this tricky balance. 


Key topics you’ll learn: 

  • Why local flexibility is important but cannot turn into the Wild West of person scoring without control 
  • How to set up a transparent and scalable person scoring model 
  • The best way to implement this in Marketo Engage, allowing for local market flexibility while keeping the model logical and consistent. 

Webinar Details:

  • Topic: Person Scoring Mastery with Marketo Engage: Localized Nuances in a Global Framework
  • Length: 30 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A
  • Experience Level: Intermediate (>3 months of experiences using Marketo Engage) 

  • Roles: Administrators, Marketing Operations, Marketing Technology 

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We've also worked with the speaker to provide feedback for the questions left by the live webinar attendees. Read on to see if your questions are answered. 


# Question Response
1 What do you do with scores after a person has MQLd?  In general I would have a score decay process in time that will reduce scores when someone becomes unengaged. Other than that my personal view is to keep the scores in place (although I have seen models with a cap).
2 Hey Katja - are these clones of models across Workspaces? The local scoring program is cloned across workspaces indeed, the global part stays in your global workspace with access to all partitions to score everyone equally.
3 How often do you recommend going back and reevaluating and updating the model? I understand its more of an art than science, but is this something  we should be doing quarterly, bi-annually, annually? I would use annually as a benchmark and go up or down in frequency depending on the volume of leads you hand over. The most important thing is to have enough data to draw conclusions on.
4 In the local scoring programs do you use the same triggers as in the central scoring program, and you just increase / reduce the scores by the agreed amount for each item? The whole point is to have the triggers mutually exclusive. What you score locally, you don't score via the global program and vice versa.
5 what is your opinion of AI driven solutions to automatically calculate scoring for us? That has got huge potential as it would remove the bias people tend to sneak into their hypotheses and can spot trends you wouldn't think to look for. But I would still want to see some results to evaluate properly.
6 HI, If a contact is shared between 2 or more workspace, how does the scoring work in this case? That entirely depends. My suggestion would be to discuss with the teams behind the two workspaces to what extent their local scoring would differ and go from there.
7 Is this scoring matrix based on a threshold of 100? The actual scoring numbers in the presentation are examples only. You should agree your actual scores and thresholds internally.
8 How do you deal with not getting timely feedback from sales? The topic of siloed marketing and sales organizations has been a big one for a long time, although I do see strong improvements there generally in the market. The starting point would be to have clear reporting on status for management, so you make the issue visible. That can be the starting point of a conversation with sales management.
9 Does it makes sense to reset a prospect's score to zero after Sales engages with them and if so, how should I go about it? I would not reset to zero, but rather implement a score decay (mostly on behavioral scores) instead. It is still useful information to know whether your prospect (or customer) is engaged or not and their ICP fit (demographic score) is also a good reference point.
10 Finance industry: How would you incorporate a lead scoring model to identify what the next best product/service is for a current member as opposed to identifying when an MQL is ready to convert to a SQL? Introducing interest scoring sounds like a feasible option here.
11 I hope i haven't missed you commenting on this. Do you have a global CRM where the score is passed? If so - how can the localized scoring models be compared globally? Or are they used only at local level? This can work with scores being passed to CRM or not. But the whole concept is that is is one single scoring model, where markets have a degree of freedom in setting the levels of some of the components of the model. So even though they are two Marketo Engage programs, they both feed into the same scores.
12 Would we need to have scoring models based on different areas of the funnel? That depends on what your goals are. I would say that is not always necessary at all.
13 How would you work with Sales team to determine the end goal KPI for the model? The end goal KPI for a scoring model would typically be conversion rates, which would be a moving target. Depending on what the conversion is before you implement your model you can agree on a target improvement within X period of time. The whole idea is to treat this as an iterative process and realize continuous improvements.
14 If you make significant changes to your model over time. Would you always start fresh or do you update the current model (and if so how long would you wait to expect any changes? I would typically update the existing model rather than starting over. This does need to be controlled, so I would combine changes into a single update moment, so you can track what impact changes to the model have.
15 Would it be easier to have an Engagement Program running the score? I don't really see the benefit of using an Engagement Program here and would much rather use them for actually engaging with my audience.
16 When you have Leads that will exist in different segments ? The best way would be to have different models for each segment? That depends entirely on the definition of your segments and what you want to achieve with each of them.
17 HI, If a contact is shared between 2 or more workspace, how does the scoring work in this case? That entirely depends. My suggestion would be to discuss with the teams behind the two workspaces to what extent their local scoring would differ and go from there.


Got more questions or tips of your own about how to account for local nuances in your Marketo Engage scoring model after watching the webinar? Comment below to learn from your peers. 



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Excited to share this topic with you and hoping to see you all there!

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Registration is now open!

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@Katja_Keesom Registered and shared with others in the company as we were discussing customising our Person Scores in different regions and for different Industries based on behaviour analysis.

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So excited to join Katja - scoring, particularly for multiple regions is always one of those questions in certification exams! 

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Registered myself and forwarded to my team as well 🙂

Looking forward to attending this!

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Looking forward to this one! I've shared it with the other Marketo users at my company!

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HI, If a contact is shared between 2 or more workspace, how does the scoring work in this case?

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@jaganathan I've updated the speaker's input for your question in the main post. Take a look and feel free to post additional thoughts in the thread for further discussion!