Email Personalization Webinar: Q&A Follow up

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

As a follow up from the August 6, 2020's Email Personalization Overview webinar (recording available here) answers to questions that we couldn't get to during the Q&A section are located here. If you have further questions, feel free to post them in the comments section!


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We have a weekly newsletter with a modular template, and we have segmentation by a person's interest/topic. We want the top item of the newsletter to relate to the person's interest, and then have the other items below. Can we use My Tokens to specify modular content for Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3, and then use Segmentation to allow us to put Topic 3 content at the top for people in Segmentation 3, but then have modular content for Topic 1 and Topic 2 listed below? Yes, but it will depend on how your email template's been created. As long as there aren't variable requirements, you should be able to do this (i.e. if you're using rich text modules). 
Only 2 "segments" can be used while using it in Email performance report. Is there a way to use more than 2 segments...e.g.  APAC, EMEA & AMERICAS segment in one single email perf report, but right now it restricts to 2 segments only You can choose one or two segmentations (not segments). So, if you used a Region segmentation, with the following segments: APAC, EMEA, Americas; you can see the breakdown within the report. 
How could velocity scripting be used to monitor closed won opportunities? Velocity scripting isn't typically used for monitoring of any sort; rather, it's used for personalizing email content with custom object data. 
I use first name personalization in emails. When the original recipient forwards the email to someone else who exists in our database but part of my original target list, would the personalization still work? The email will be personalized upon email send, so if it's forwarded to another person, it will still show the original recipient's details. 
if your button is a snippet, could you apply segmentation? If your email template is built without variables, yes!
Are the scripts for the email scripting examples available somewhere? Scripts are built custom to your database, but resources on how to build the scripts are available here
how would you personalize greeting in email based on country such as Hi Joe vs Dear Mr. Herbert? You could create a country segmentation, and then use a combination of dynamic content and tokens. For your example, let's say you wanted "Hi First Name" for people in the US, but "Dear Salutation last Name" for people in Canada. You'd create a segmentation with segments for every county you'd want to vary the content - for this example, US and Canada. Then in your email, you'd make the US segmentation "Hi {{lead.FirstName}}" and Canada segmentation "Dear {{lead.Salutation}} {{lead.LastName}}". The tokens would pull from your people database, so you'd want to ensure you have valid First name, salutation and last name data.
It'd be great to hear more about the 'Abandoned Cart' example. More specifically how your team is populating the data within the associated custom field. For the abandoned cart example, the data is pushed from your website database into a custom object in Marketo. You'd design the custom object (rather, choose the fields on the custom object) based on what you'd like personalized within the Abandoned cart email. For example, if you'd like an image, title and price for each product in the cart; your website database would need to push all three of those criteria as fields on the custom object record.
Will dynamic content carry over when cloning a program? Yep!
What's the best way to learn about velocity scripting? This Marketo's Developers Site.
Can you supply the links for the velocity scripting resources? I have not found many. This Marketo's Developers Site has a whole page on Velocity, and how it's used in Marketo
How can you report on the dynamic segments? in the language example, could you see # of recipients for each language and if opens and clicks were better for French vs. English for example? You can group by Segmentation within the Email Performance Report (in the Setup tab of the report).

You can also create an Email Performance report in Revenue Explorer (advanced reporting feature of Marketo), and add the System Field created for the Segmentation to the report.

Note: this will show the person's current segment (does not guarantee it's the segment the person was in when the email was delivered)
Can you dynamically change the URL of a button too based on a customer’s profile? So, the use case is we want to separate people out by certain sections for a virtual event and we want the people in each specific section to get a section-specific URL. Yes, you'd just need to ensure your email template is built to support dynamic content for buttons!
how often is segmentation refreshed/re-evaluated based on data changes in the database? Is it once a day? It's refreshed every time there is an applicable data change. 
When using velocity script can you reference external files, such as csvs with a Field Name in one column and corresponding content values in other colums of the csv file (Similar to SFDC Marketing Cloud Data Extension tables) No, the data that populates Velocity Scripting must be stored within a Custom Object in Marketo (see Apache Velocity section of this article). If you take that external data and host it within a Marketo custom object, then yes!
Can you use several segmentations in one email? You can use 1 segmentation for each module within your email that you make dynamic. For example, you can make the subject line dynamic based on Segmentation A, and you can make your footer dynamic based on Segmentation B, but you can't make the subject line dynamic based on both Segmentation A and B. 
is it possible to personalize a file send? a report or a pdf file? The tools we discussed today can't customize the content within an asset that's been uploaded to Design Studio (such as a pdf). 
Where do you recommend to learn Velocity Email scripting? This Marketo's Developers Site has a whole page on Velocity, and how it's used in Marketo
For dynamic content - can you change the order of the modules based on segmentation? for example my email's modules are in order 1,2,3 and someone else gets modules 2,3,1 Dynamic content doesn't allow you to re-arrange the modules within an email, but you could change the content within each module to mimic that the modules changed.