[Discussion Thread] Learn from your peers webinar | Tackling siloed channels and data with Marketo Engage and Dynamic Chat on 11/2/23

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Hi Marketing Nation Community!


Missed the live webinar? No problem, we've got you covered. Find the recording, slides, and Q&A below for your on-demand learning.


Session highlights:

  • The value of adding conversations to your marketing automation strategy to deliver cross-channel customer experiences.
  • How to implement primary use cases such as sales meeting booking, website content engagement, and events/webinar promotion.
  • Actionable recipes and tips to get a quick start on integrating Dynamic Chat into your Marketo Engage programs.

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We've worked with the speaker Sara Barriuso and Dynamic Chat Product Managers @JohnDictson@Sreekanth_Reddy and Adobe Professional Services Consultant @Jeanne_Penniman to answer the questions the audience submitted during the live webinar and we are posting on behalf of the group.


Check out the answers below. Comment below if you have additional feedback or questions to share. Happy learning!


Question Response
What about the AI implementation in Dynamic Chat? Is it going to be released? How does it really work? The Generative AI functionality will soon be avaliable in Adobe Dynamic Chat in Q1 2024.  Watch this video for more context: https://business.adobe.com/products/marketo/dynamic-chat.html#watch-video
Is it possible to train Dynamic Chat as an AI chatbot? Yes. The Generative AI functionality will soon be avaliable in Adobe Dynamic Chat in Q1 2024. 
I have a question related to another topic (landing page performance report), could you please share with me the email address of someone who can help me? Please open a Support case for any "How to" questions. Visit the Support portal here: https://nation.marketo.com/t5/support/ct-p/Support
Is this available for free or additional cost? Dynamic Chat is a native conversational engagement channel within any Marketo Engage subscription. The features that are included in your current Marketo Engage subscription are free. We also offer premium features with additional cost. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information. 
Can the audience re-activate a Dialogue once they’ve engaged? If the audience has finished a Dialogue and closed the window and achieved their goal, they won't see the dialogue again. If for some reason didn't finish a dialogue, it will be presented to them again when they come back on to the website/page.

No, once users are part of the Dialogue, the Dialogue won't be shown to the same users again. If you want to reengage with the same users, then you would need to set up another dialogue for that. 
How many questions would you recommend including in a dialogue to create a positive conversation experience? For the length, you can make it long if you want to. The longer the Dialogue is, the more complex the setup is. Start with a shorter Dialogue and build on it. Test it to see if people get to the end of your dialogue stream. It is recommended not to go over 5 questions in length as you also need to consider how the questions branch out to offer various responses to cover each user scenairo. Consider building the Dialogue in the flowchart so you can have a holistic view of the Dialogue tree before building it. 
For organizations operating globally, how have you been managing the Dialogue localization? Cornerstone OnDemand created the first Dialogue in English, retracted it for a Word version, and translated it translated. Then, the team put it back to the cloned Dialogue template of the English version so they know where the questions and answers are in the conversational flow. Before uploading the Dialogue, make sure you choose the language option from the dropdown to make sure the system language shows correctly. 
Can you conduct A/B testing on the dialogue? If you are an Adobe Target user, you can use Target to do some A/B testing. There is no native A/B testing functionality today in Dynamic Chat, but it is on the roadmap.
Has cookie compliance got in the way? What have you done with those not accepting cookies? Best Practice is to ask for cookie acceptance on your website. If users don't accept, they shouldn't go through the flow. 
Similar to the form with hidden fields, can chat collect UTM values from the URL string and pass it with the lead? UTM values will be captured in the Activity Log, but not currently written to fields. UTM values are collected when users fill out a Marketo Engage form. If a user is directed to a Marketo Engage form, it will be collected by Marketo Engage via the form. Dynamic Chat collects the values the users input. 
Is Dynamic Chat able to connect to and pre-fill a form on the website? For example, we ask for name, email, and which product they are interested in.But, we need a little more information for our form to auto-populate into Salesforce. Can chat pre-fill the answers they have already provided?  If the audience is known, you can pre-fill your Marketo Engage Forms on Marketo Engage Landing Pages or show the contact information in the Dialogue per the 'Register known people' use case in the the webinar presentation. Consider testing out the specific scenarios with your Adobe Professional Services Consultant to achieve your desired results. 
Dynamic Chat is now a channel in Marketo Engage. Do you use it in a specific program "Dynamic chat" of channel "Dynamic chat" OR do you track the interactions in "Web contact" channel (example to book a demo) or an "EVENT" channel ? Marketo Engage already has 'Chat' as a native channel and avaliable for you to track the interactions of the Dynamic Chat Dialogues. It is recommended to use the native 'Chat' channel tag to track the goal completion. 
What are some expected metrics for ENGAGED/TRIGGERED, GOAL ACHIEVED/ENGAGED, and GOAL ACHIEVED/TRIGGERED? Like what's a ENGAGED/TRIGGERED %? As a rule of thumb, we recommend benchmarking your engagement with a 1-1.5% engaged/triggered rate in mind. Each goal has nuances depending on the result you want users to achieve at the end of the conversation.
Are there Dialogue templates in our instance or do we need to create them from scratch? Yes, Dynamic Chat comes with Dialogue templates for you to build or customize. 


If you have more questions or tips of your own, feel free to share with us below in the thread.