[Adobe SUMMIT 2023] Marketo Community Challenge 1 - Introduce Yourself!

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Welcome to the thread for the Marketo Community Challenge at Adobe Summit.



This thread is for Community Challenge 1 - Introduce Yourself.

Once you've registered an account on the Marketing Nation Community (for assistance, please speak with a representative at the Experience League Community booth), respond to this thread and introduce yourself to the Community! Be sure to include your name, company and the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions you specialize in. 


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Complete 3 out of the 8 available Community Challenges to win an Experience League branded wireless charger (while supplies last)! Once you've completed any 3 challenges, show your Community profile (select the avatar on the top right of the community) to Experience League Community staff for your wireless charger! 


Thank you for participating - we hope you continue to have a wonderful time at Adobe SUMMIT 2023. 

Level 1

Hello All! My name is Rebecca Calomeni and I work for Nutanix! I mainly work in Marketo Engage and over see email production and scheduling for my global company!

Level 4 - Champion

Hey everyone! I am Jessica, I'm the director of Marketing ops and tech for Tebra, I am a 2022 Marketo Champion! 

Level 2

Hey everyone, I am Saloni Madhok and I work for Zuora as Senior Manager- Campaign Operations. I am Marketo Certified Expert and am primarily responsible for all the programs and channels for our company’s Marketo Instance. 

Level 1

Hello everyone! My name is Stephen VanDenHoogen and I am a MCE in Marketo Engage. I use Marketo Engage on a daily basis to build, schedule, and report on global B2B campaigns.

Level 1

Hello, my name is Mauricio Giordano, I work for InEvent (inevent.com) and I'm our Marketo Specialist (I'm in tech).