What is the Champion Smart Bar at Summit?

What is it?

Champions are some of our most advanced, knowledgeable, and active customers and partners so we decided to showcase them by creating a booth at Summit for them to help others! Marketo see's a huge advantage in customers helping other customers, so the Champion Smart Bar was born a few years ago and it's been a big success.

How does it work?

Champions are offered time slots to sign up to work the booth, and any attendees at Summit are welcome to stop by to meet the Champions, network, connect, or get help with your toughest (or easiest) questions! A schedule of when the booth is open will be posted closer to Summit, but generally when the Expo hall is open, and sessions are not going on, you can expect someone to be there to help.

Feel free to bring your laptop or tablet if you need hands on help with a specific question, and they'll be there ready. Feel free to ask them to how get involved in the Marketing Nation also!

Where is it located?

This year it is located in the Jive booth 117 in the Expo Hall. Jive is a great partner of ours, and they power our Marketing Nation Community so we thought this was the perfect match!

Come one come all! We hope to see YOU at the Champion Smart Bar at Summit in May. Register for Summit today! ‚Äč