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About Alumni Status:

Champion Alumni is a status, not a program. Any Champion (in 2016 and on) who's membership has expired for any reason (non-renewal or didn't re-apply) is automatically considered alumni and will have access to the benefits listed below. You will not have the same benefits as a current Champion and similarly you won't be expected to be at the top echelon of active customers across channels like the Marketing Nation Community. However, you are still exceptional advocates and we want to keep you involved.

Benefits of being an Alum:

You will still be rewarded:

*Access: You will still be included in quarterly meetings with our product and marketing teams to give exclusive feedback

*Previews: Given early previews and access to products, features, and new releases when available

*Events: Access to event speaking opportunities such as the Champion Series at Summit.

New benefits:

Publicity: Community & LinkedIn badges to showcase your Alumni status AND you will be searchable under 'Champion Alumni' in our Expert Locator.

Why create an Alumni status?

This status was created in order to make sure we give our broader customer base the opportunity to get involved with the Nation. Now, we'll have more new Champions inducted each class, and long-time or former Champions can still stay connected. Alums can still retain some of the benefits while not being required to contribute to the Community and other channels on a daily basis. Now, a Champion can only be inducted three consecutive years and then they are automatically moved to an Alumni.

Stay as involved as you can!

Although you are no longer expected to be active across channels on a daily basis, we know that you are still a very loyal brand advocate of Marketo. We aim to provide you with key information and benefits to keep you up-to-date and relevant with Marketo and across the industry, such as the quarterly product calls. We encourage you to continue to engage and create content and thought leadership across all of our different channels and if you are interested in getting more involved in the future, let us know!