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Product Scoring Program


My company is trying to set up a product scoring program and I was wondering if anybody has created one of these before and if there's any suggestions you can provide?

Our current biggest obstacle is that it seems like we'll have to create too many smart campaigns. If we have 10 products and we want to score based off of 10 different behaviors, wouldn't we have to create 100 smart campaigns?

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Re: Product Scoring Program

Hi Stephen,

Champion program is not the place to ask product related questions. You should rather move it to the "products" section.

The short answer to your question is Yes, behavior scoring will require a different scoring campaign for each type of behavior and each score.


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Re: Product Scoring Program

Stephen Jeong

I think the approach will depend on the nature of your product lines and how many there are.

Scenario 1 - less than ~12 product lines, product lines don't change often, different target personas for each product + high complexity in scoring requirements for each product

In this case creating completely separate models for each product line is likely the way to go. Yes you need a relatively large number of scoring fields and and smart campaigns to track it, but I would just consider that the overhead needed to achieve your goal.

I have implemented something like this for a company with about 14 product lines and a huge number of website pages to track and it was a significant project, but quite achievable. However, with a larger number of products than this, it won't scale.

Scenario 2 - dozens or hundreds of products, each product interest needs to be tracked separately, products change frequently and have a fixed lifespan, similar personas for each and lower complexity

In this case it would obviously be completely impractical to create scoring fields and separate models for each of these.

We used an interesting approach to solve for this scenario in a recent project. We developed a product scoring program template that could be cloned to create an individual Product Interest Scoring Program to track interest in each product. Rather than use an incrementing scoring field, the various stages of the program channel were used to track the incremental level of interest. At a certain stage they would be considered a "success" which would trigger the MQL flow and stamp their product interest.

This provided a scalable way to track any number of products without maintaining separate models for each, and programs could be deployed or retired in minutes as products changed.

If this sounds relevant to you shoot me an email and I am happy to give you a quick screenshare of how it was done.


Justin Norris | Perkuto​

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Re: Product Scoring Program

Hi Justin,

Our use case fits under scenario 1. It sounds like there's no way around creating a large number of smart campaigns. Thanks for the insight.