Google AdWords and Custom form using REST API

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Google AdWords and Custom form using REST API

Hi Community,

We are trying to integrate and pass information into Google AdWords using Marketo but are having some difficultly figuring out how to do so since we are using our own form and pushing data in via REST API.

Additionally, the form that we have built lives on a single landing page with custom javascript that doesn't take the user to a different URL when they submit it; the user stays on the same page upon submit and simply gets a thank-you message via javascript.

Does anyone know how we can pass along conversion goals/data from Marketo into Google AdWords under these circumstances?

Most of the articles I've read assumes that we are using Marketo forms and landing pages.



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Re: Google AdWords and Custom form using REST API

  • Please move the question to Products​. "Champions" is for discussions of the Champs incentive program itself, not support.
  • Using the REST API for form posts is inviting a DoS attack against your instance, if there's a 1:1 correspondence between form submissions and API calls. I'd encourage you to use the Forms API for a reliable architecture.
  • That said, there's no particular reason that your API-based form post can't do exactly what a Marketo Form post does vis-a-vis adwords. You can capture the same URL params and push to the same Marketo fields.