Engagement Program Question

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Engagement Program Question

Hi fellas:

I got a question.

Nowadays, I got activated an smart campaign, where people fill a form out.

When they have filled the form out, inmediately, the flow work add them in a engagement program where i have created 5 emails for nurturing.

My question is... Due to, my first smart campaign (fill a form) is still running, my engagement program will be adding more people.

This people will be receiving my 5 emails? or i can not add more people when i have started my engagement program?

thank you very much dudes.

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Re: Engagement Program Question


Please move this discussion to Products​ for a more prompt response.

You can always add more people into the engagement program as long as the smart campaign doesn't disqualify them and they will continue with the topmost content in the stream. You will have others at different steps in the stream so you can always add more people to the stream after it has already begun.