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Beginner Analytics User Questions

I am just starting to dig into the Analytics section of Marketo. I am particularly interested in looking more into the "Program" Analyzer." Right now, it looks like there is test data pulling in. How do I need to set up my programs to pull into this report? Or how can I pull the data into my own report that analyzes success of programs? I'm looking to monitor success of individual email programs, up to full nurture programs, event programs, etc.

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Re: Beginner Analytics User Questions

Hi Tori,

You should post your questions in the "Products" section of the community, you will be much more likely to get an answer as many more people will see it and be likely to answer.

The program analyzer needs that a Revenue Cycle Model is set up and approved, as this is how Marketo will be able to extract revenue information and make sense of it.

For some of the report setting (Return To Investment and Cost) to make sense, you will also have to enter costs in the programs.

Then, all programs will be eligible to the program analyzer.

Last point, remember how Marketo computes FT/MT revenue and pipeline:

(Thx Dan Stevens