#KreweChats Week 3: Lead Scoring and MSI

Level 7
Level 7

Hi All, and welcome to the third episode of #KreweChats! Last Friday, Dory Viscogliosi, Sydney Mulligan​, Joe Reitz​ (kinda)​​ and I​ chatted about the basics of lead scoring, implementing and maintaining Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) and touched briefly on alerts before realizing that should probably be a topic in and of itself.

If you missed the live-stream on Friday (or even if you didn't!) you can (re)watch here: #KreweChats Episode 3: Lead Scoring, Alerts and Marketo Sales Insight

Here's what we covered:

  • Lead scoring
    • What is the purpose?
    • What should you score? (Probably not email opens... they are pretty unreliable!)
    • How can you set it up? How do you decide what's important to score?
    • Balancing lead scores between Demographic and Behavioral
    • Lead scoring is not one size fits all! Just because it works for one company, doesn't mean an identical setup will work for another
    • KISS Tokenized Lead Scoring (Keep It Simple Stupid!)
  • MSI
    • Getting Sales on board with MSI and making them love it
    • Logging MSI email sends as an SFDC activity (vote for Sydney's idea !)
    • Has MSI helped the relationship with Sales?

The next episode will be on August 26 at 3:30 ET / 12:30 PT. You can view it live here. And, of course, we will be Tweeting about it.


Also, as promised, here are a couple screen shots of our tokenized scoring after we had our Marketo instance set up last year and I realized that the colleague who set up our scoring program didn't fully understand the purpose of tokens. **sigh**

Here is the old setup. As you can see, there are various "Downloads" activities that have "+10" as the value. Because we can use Tokens in more than one location throughout our campaigns, we can combine all of those values into one token.


When I reorganized our scoring, I simplified the tokens. We have a High, Medium and Low value for each activity type and that allowed us to reduce the total number of lead score tokens from 63+ to about 25. Much more manageable! (As you can see, the 9 downloads tokens we had set up originally were decreased to 3 below).